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How to I hide content (e.g. text) on a page in the Canvas app?

Hi there,

There is certain content on a page, in this case text which I only want to make visible on the Canvas app (iOS and Android app). I am aware of using the code below to hide content from the desktop, phone and tablet version but what would I have to do to hide content only in the mobile app version?

<div class="hidden-desktop hidden-phone hidden-tablet no-print">



I know it is not as simple as:

<div class="hidden-desktop visible-phone hidden-tablet no-print">



Thanks for your input Smiley Happy

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The only way I've found so far is to make two css files. One for the standard theme and one for the Mobile app.


For the canvas app them add/upload this

.hiddenapp {
display: none;


For the standard theme add/upload this

.hiddendesktop {
display: none;

Then when you want something to only appear on the canvas app use this div class


<div class="hiddendesktop">

<p> secret info for app users</p>



Then the opposite for content only for desktop

<div class="hiddenapp">

<p> secret info for desktop users</p>