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How to enroll multiple users in a section with one API call?

I need to use the Canvas API to enroll multiple users (up to 400 per batch) into an existing course section.

I see the API will let me POST one user enrollment per API call using the "/v1/sections/{section_id}/enrollments" function.

Is there a different function that would let me enroll multiple users with a single API call?  Maybe some SIS import function?  I'd rather not take the slow approach of iterating over the list of users and enrolling them one at a time.

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You can use the SIS Import tool to generate many enrollments at once by uploading a CSV file, as long as the users and courses both have SIS ids, but that's generally done via the GUI.  It looks like there is an API to invoke an SIS Import function, though


Hi there, @lsloan ...

To piggyback on what @mzimmerman has already stated, you can find the Administrator Guides for SIS imports at this location: SIS Imports.

Hope this helps a bit.