How to generate question group order randomization for a quiz?

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I was interested in generating question order randomization for a Canvas Quiz.

In my Quiz, I have every question in a "Question group".

The setting for the quiz is selected on "One question at a time" and "Lock questions after responding".

I have watched a post on Canvas support where it has been explained that once you have each question in its corresponding "Question group", each question group will be shown to students in random order. So two students taking the same exam would see the same question groups, but not in the same order.

However, for me, once I select the "Preview quiz" option, I see all the Question groups one after the other in the order that I submitted them in the Canvas quiz. Is there an option to select the "Randomize question order" option somewhere?

Thank you in advance!

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 @c_mironiuc ,

You cannot randomize the delivery of the question groups.  Question groups randomize the order of the questions in the group.  So if you have Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, etc., it will deliver the groups in that order, but all of the questions in each group will be delivered at random.


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