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How to make Canvas module visible to only specific section/workgroup of the course?

Hi everyone, in our course we want to make some content available to every students and some content available only to specific sections/workgroups. How is it possible to do that?

I found posts dating to 2016, this is from 2018, asking this same question and the answer has been there is no such feature on Canvas. I don't think I need to say anything about how ridiculous that is.

Anyway, I found a workaround to this from other users comment, that I could make access to certain modules conditional on completion of an arbitrary quiz and I can assign the quiz to be visible only to a specific section/workgroup. I have 11 modules and 7 sections/workgroups, 4 modules I would like to be accessible to everyone and then each remaining module should be accessible only to one particular workgroup. I made 7 quizzes, each quiz is only accessible to one workgroup, how can I make now the access to the 7 aforementioned modules conditional on specific quiz completion?

I looked up online, that I can add the quiz to a new module, made a requirement in the module for the quiz to be completed and then set that module as a prerequisite for another module, the section/workgroup specific module. That works, but the problem is that when I add the 7 quizzes to quiz module, make a requirement that at least one quiz must be completed and then set the quiz module as a prerequisite for access to section/workgroup specific module, this doesn't differentiate between which quiz is completed. Any quiz completed validates the quiz module requirement as the prerequisite and then I am again at square one, not being able to make it so that only specific sections/workgroups are able to see specific modules. A work around that could be for me to make a new module for each of the 7 quizzes and set each specific quiz module as a prerequisite for section/workgroup specific module. But then I am creating another 7 modules and would have 19 modules in my course which is cumbersome and confusing to students and defeats the whole purpose of me trying to organize this neatly. So can someone please help me and suggest a workable solution to this problem?

In another words is there a way to add a prerequisite of specific assignment/quiz/file instead of module? Or just to restrict the access/visibility of a particular module to a particular section/workgroup of the course in any way?

Any help is much appreciated!

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