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I have a quiz I launched and can not find the students submissions. How do I find them if they are not showing up in gradebook?

I am an instructor with a quiz that I launched. I can't find the students test results.  I am not sure if they never saw it  or when I added a student it erased them.  Help!

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In the desktop browser version, if you have published the quiz (that is, your "Published" button is green with a checkmark), then clicking the quiz from your instructor account should show several "Related Items" options. These options will be at the top right of your screen, or father below, depending on how you sized your screen. "Moderate this Quiz" and "SpeedGrader" should be visible no matter what, but "Quiz Statistics" will ALSO be visible if any students have turned in your quiz.

I click "Moderate Quiz" to see at a glance who's begun, who's finished and submitted, and who's not done anything yet. But if I don't even see the Quiz Statistics option, I know my quiz is just waiting for its moment in the sun.

If you can't see ANY of those "Related Item" options for a published quiz, your window may be sized narrowly, and you'll see them waaaaaay down below your Preview button.

Hope that helps.


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