IPads blocking 3rd party cookies breaks Kaltura embeds. Any workaround?

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We have courses with multimedia content provided by Kaltura, and some users who only have iPads at their disposal. Users have recently been experiencing error messages in the courses- where videos are embedded, they see an error about the browser blocking 3rd party session cookies, which the media content requires to be shown.

This is a known issue that can supposedly be fixed with Safari Privacy settings- reference Canvas: Enable Third Party Cookies for Kaltura Integration | IT@UMN .

I started troubleshooting this on an iPad with IOS12, where the “Block all cookies” toggle in Safari settings (located in the main system settings) doesn't even work.

I upgraded to IOS13, the “block all cookies”  toggle is now functional, and is deactivated by default. But from 12 to 13 there is absolutely no change in behavior. Across three browsers, the error message in Canvas is the same- "this browser seems to be blocking 3rd party session cookies" and no media can play.

I have confirmed the settings are exactly as indicated in the UMN aid.

 Interestingly, some report it works on an iPhone, but none of our iPad users can use it. I also think it's interesting that it worked in the past and now does not. All I know from direct experience is it doesn't work in 13.2 and 13.1.3, and broke for a user a week or so before they auto-updated to 13.1.3. Maybe the iOS version is a boondoggle.

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Ugh! Why does this always happen? Smiley Happy I just found an old profile in Settings. Disabling that cleared the block!

Thanks anyway Smiley Happy

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