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Image Files Not Transferring When Copying A page

I created a page that is being used by our whole school as the Homepage. I have shared the page with every grade level in the building and have had no issues with the images in the page displaying after the teachers import it to their courses. However, I had one group of teachers who had created their homepage using a picture of their Bitmojii creations and when I shared the page for them to use as their homepage the image files from the page I shared didn't import with the page. Two of the teachers in the same group who did not have have the Bitmojii picture saved as their homepage had no difficulties and the image files imported with the page I shared with them. As the Canvas admin for the building I tried taking the homepage and copying it the teacher's other courses (their other courses didn't have any content added other than a module) and had the same issue. When I tried it with the teachers who didn't have the Bitmoji it worked fine. Please help me understand what to do and how to fix this. Thank you.

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