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Images Disappearing in quizzes

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I'm having trouble with images disappearing in quizzes in canvas.  My students use Chromebooks and most of them can see the images but one or two can't.  I have gone to files and published them individually and they are still not showing up on their Chromebooks. I have cleared the cache and cookies on their Chromebooks and that doesn't seem to help either.  Is there something that can be done to make these images re-appear?

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So, I'm still having trouble with images.  Just yesterday, one of my students didn't have the images.  I asked my tech ed person and he tried out the test in student view, in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.  Only Chrome showed the images and he said something about clearing the cache/history/cookies.  Not really sure what he meant, but maybe this can help someone.


Have you found a reliable solution to this problem yet? We've been using Canvas for 7 years now and this does seem to be a very sporadic issue...

Thanks for any help,


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I am getting this happen randomly and I’m just about to set an end of year final mcq for 600 1st year students. Why do the images sometimes not show ??? And how do we fix it? My work around has been to send the student images via MS teams as they do the quiz but this could get troublesome. Please help. 

Actually, I haven't experienced this issue again since my previous post. Occasionally, one student will have an issue with an image not loading--I assume this has something to do with their browser or internet connectivity, since it doesn't happen for the rest of the class. I've advised them to re-load their browser when this occurs.

Not sure if this helps with the issue discussed elsewhere in this thread, however, which seems to be more "systemic."

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As was mentioned in the blog referenced above, image file size is a potential contributing factor, especially if the internet connection is slow. As far as I can determine from the Canvas rich content editor (clicking on the image and then the embed image icon), Canvas displays quiz images at around 700 pixels in width, regardless of the original resolution of the image. Therefore, it would seem that there is no need to use an image whose resolution (and resulting file size) is greater than 700 pixels. Does this make sense from the standpoint of digital image technology? I've inserted a single image into a Canvas quiz at 4 different resolutions (from 1327x978 pixels, 683 kb to 700x513 pixels, 119 kb), and I can't see any difference. On the other hand, a Canvas agent stated in a live chat that he could see a significant difference in a 1200-pixel width image versus an 800 pixel image in the quiz and that a 683 kb image should download easily on any internet connection. Nevertheless, one student (out of 50) taking a Canvas quiz today, using Chrome, encountered 2 blank images, both of which were smaller than that file size. I am wondering whether it is worthwhile to reduce all of my quiz images to 700 pixels and as a result to a more manageable file size (easily done with Paint), or if this will just result in degraded quiz images with the same viewing problem as before.

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Clearly losers are in charge of updating Canvas. This is a problem since 2015 and absolutely crucial. I had to invalidate THREE exam questions today on a major exam. Heartless that this has still not been fixed.

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Same issue! Sometimes it happens when a student uses Safari or Explorer but not always. Really need an answer to this.

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Why is this assumed answered? I don't see any solution.

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A serious problem - and still no fix. Canvas keeps insisting it is a user issue. In my case, students can see the quiz answers based on the image name. An honest student sent me this image. 



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Still an issue in 12/2020!