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Images Disappearing in quizzes

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I'm having trouble with images disappearing in quizzes in canvas.  My students use Chromebooks and most of them can see the images but one or two can't.  I have gone to files and published them individually and they are still not showing up on their Chromebooks. I have cleared the cache and cookies on their Chromebooks and that doesn't seem to help either.  Is there something that can be done to make these images re-appear?

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Still an issue 02/2021. At student send this image below after her exam today. At least it seems students may no longer be able to see the image file name? I guess that's something. 



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This is still an issue. Out of a group of 50 students, 3 could not see an image in the quiz. This is completely unacceptable. Especially considering that this issue has been known for years.

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How can this be considered answered??

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I am also still experiencing this issue as well. The issue is sporadic/not regular and images were uploaded, added to the files section and embedded in the quiz correctly. The JPG image is shown as a broken image with image title and in looking at the HTML it is referring back to the correct course and correct file item.

Has there been a specific cause identified for this at this time?  

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Still having this problem in summer 2021. Sporadic and does not seem to be related to connection speed or image size. 

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We have faculty having this issue here in fall of 2021. It seems to be with mainly with Chromebooks and at least one student yesterday with a macbook air using Safari 14.1.