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I have been using Canvas for a few years, but recently I needed to use the "sections" option again for the first time in a while.

Creating a section has never been a problem, as it was quite straightforward once you know where to look as explained How do I add a section to a course as an instructor? . But strangely now within a course when you go to sections it gives an overview of the current sections but there is no option available to "add" or "change" a section, it simply does not give an add button. 

First I thought it had something to do with the settings of the specific course, but it checked other courses that I was in as a teacher and that already had sections and everywhere the option was not available. The strange thing is that in the instructure development I checked another course, and here it still was possible.

So my question is whether someone would know what caused the missing option of creating a section? Would it be something specific to my university, or some general settings? I really hope someone can help, thanks in advance!

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Hi @FG2

I would bet that the permission setting was changed by your university. It is a specific permission that can be turned on and off per user role.  I just checked my courses and I have the ability to add a section.  

I would contact your Canvas administrators to ask about it. 

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