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Incorrect score on quiz

I have a student who took a screenshot of her quiz submission and it shows she received a 15/15.  Her parent received a notification she got a 2/15.  On my teacher account she got a 2/15.  When I look at her answers on the quiz she did score a 2/15.  She is using an ipad.  How can she iPad show she got a 15/15?

Mom claims that this is also happening to her in two other courses.  She has screenshots to prove this.  We are a team of three teachers with 150 students.  This is not happening to any other student.  

Does anyone have an answer to this? 

Thank you! 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @ChristieCombs4 ...

It looks like you have posted a similar question over at Quiz grade not correct on student app but correct ... - Canvas Community using a similar (but different) account (ChristieCombs).  It looks like my friend, @rmurchshafer, is helping you you are in good hands!

Yes thank you! I have two accounts and check this email more frequently. I appreciate you letting me know. I have received the response