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Instructor Evaluations in cross-listed courses

I have a faculty member who oversees 3 sections of a lab class and wants to cross-list all sections, however not all of these labs are taught by the same adjunct faculty.  How will instructor evaluations be effected? (the instructor eval is sent from a different application/LTI that is not integrated with Canvas) How can I make sure students are evaluating their adjunct faculty and not another section's faculty? Thanks!

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@SalayneEscalant I am a little confused by your question.  You say the eval tool is not connected to Canvas so how would making a change in Canvas then change the eval?  Are you just concerned that they may see content created by another instructor (or communication from a different instructor) and then that reflect how they fill out their eval?  If that is the case, communication is KEY.

We have lots of cases exactly like this and so we do a few things.  First, when you cross-list in Canvas, the sections stay so we try and have faculty use sections when they communicate so each instructor is really only interacting with their students.  We also communicate that the evaluation is for your Instructor of Record, so the name that shows in our SIS is the person you are evaluating and who the results will be attached to.  It is not perfect but seems to be working.  We do have courses that are taught by multiple faculty and I am not really sure how they pull the data for those courses.

Hope this helps!