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Integrating our LMS with Canvas

Good Morning!
I am looking for guides to integrate our In House Built LMS with Canvas.

Namely we are looking to perform the following functions.

1) Launch a Test/Assignment from Canvas, which will open the link in out LMS.
2) Update the score to Canvas from our LMS.

Thanks and Regards,
Arun Shankar

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Community Champion

If it is in-house, you'll probably have to build some custom bridges. The Canvas API docs are very detailed and give you a good starting point. There are also several Canvas API libraries (Python, Ruby, etc) that can help you interact with the API more efficiently.

You should also join the Canvas Developers group for specific API questions and general help.

Community Champion

If your LMS is developed in-house, then the easiest might be to LTI-enable the Test/Assignment.  It can then be launched from Canvas as an external assignment with LI taking care of the SSO etc. and you can use the LTI grade return instead of the Canvas APIs.