Is it possible to change a teacher with Powerschool grade passback configured?

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I am needing to replace a lead teacher midsemester for a canvas course (and Powerschool SIS) with PowerSchool grade pass back established.  Our courses and enrollments are sis-synced.  The previous teacher had created assignments that were posted to their PowerTeacher Pro gradebook.  I have attempted:

  1.  Deleted assignments in PTPro gradebook for the previous teacher.
  2. In canvas, Moved all assignments to non-synced categories
  3. Disabled assignment sync to SIS on each assignment.
  4. Deleted all old assignment categories "imported from powerschool."
  5. Assigned the new lead teacher in powerschool
  6. Wait for an overnight sync
  7. As the new teacher, in canvas, Imported the assignment categories as the new teacher from powerschool.
  8. Moved assignments from the temporary categories to the ones that were imported.
  9. Enabled sync on each assignment
  10. Forced a grade passback.
  11. The following error results: COLLECTION_GENERIC - <<unknown unique code>> - Unable to create assignment Entry Quiz ; Reason: HTTP response HTTP/1.1 409 Conflict response: {"message":"TeacherCategoryID is not active or does not belong to lead teacher for Section","errors":[{"resource":"AssignmentService","field":"Sections.Dcid","code":613607},{"resource":"AssignmentService","field":"TeacherCategory.TeacherCategoryId","code":612}]}