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Is it possible to check if student have read a certain section of a canvas page?

I'm looking to set up a section of a canvas page which is required to be read by students, and then to track if they have read it or not if possible. Can anyone advise if this can be done?


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@CharlesAgar -

as for a section of a page, I do not think so.  As for a page, it would be possible to see if they viewed it.  However, there is no way to know if they have actually read the page they have pulled up and viewed.  The only way you would know if they "read" or at least skimmed through the material would be to give a quiz over the material on the page you want them to read.


Viewed would be sufficient. 

I'm aware that I can go into individual student accounts and look at what they have accessed. But If I could collate that information for all students enrolled so I can see at a glance who has/hasn't viewed that specific page that would be more useful. 

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@CharlesAgar -

I imagine that is possible to do with an API call.  I am not the person to ask about how that would be done.

I just know that a lot of information can be obtained through API calls.  

I happened to think of new analytics.  It may have the necessary information if you go to the reports section and run the course activity report.  This provides a csv file of all the activity.  I am not sure it lists individual page views however.  You could create a pivot table in excel with that data and use it to sort the information. 

 May be more work than you anticipated, but figured I would throw that out there.


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@CharlesAgar -

I should have looked for this before my previous post.  James has written a script which may give you a csv file with what you want.

You will have to sort the data based on 2 or 3 columns (the class or category column first, then the title and then last access)

Here is the canvancement for Obtaining and using Access Report data for an entire course 

you will have to install tampermonkey and then the script.  This script may duplicate what you can get from new analytics, but I think it may provide more information.

good luck

I thought I would not find an answer to this question. Thanks for the detailed description

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