Is there a way to move a student from one group to another within a discussion topic without losing their post?

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I am an English teacher and I have students engage in essay "workshops" in groups in a Discussion where they post first by a deadline, and then interact later (I reopen the discussion with a new due date). Sometimes, after the first post deadline has passed, I will have one or two students by themselves when the rest of their group has missed the deadline. If these students have not interacted with each other, is it possible to move their post to a more functional group?

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Hi  @davidh1  Thank You for your great question. It looks like you are harnessing the potential of groups really well. 

As far as I can see I don't think you can move the students posts from group to group other than by copy and paste. 

PS. My fellow coach, and all round wise person,  @Chris_Hofer ‌ reminded me that if you go down the copy/paste route that whoever does the copying and pasting will be credited. e.g. if you copy/paste the discussion comment for the student it will show up with your name attached. 

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