Is this tip misplaced?

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I would expect this message to show in the top right corner of the screen next to the share and follow buttons.  It's showing up in other places -- I'm not sure why:


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This question looks like it's about the software we're using for the Community, not Canvas itself. There is a community group for discussing the community software: Meta Community Group‌. I wouldn't expect you to know that as a new user to Canvas and the Community, it comes from being in the Community a lot and by reading guides like the Community Guide

The current software (Jive) doesn't have the level of support that it once did and we're switching community software (last announcement was for an August 6 date) and things will be different at that point. I do not expect that the issue will get resolved in the next five days, but I also suspect it won't matter in a few days.

Here are some threads about that transition.

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