Justification for Canvas Purchase

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My organization is asking me to provide justification for migrating our campus from Blackboard to Canvas and I'd like your assistance.

Aside from "look and feel" differences and "it's so user friendly and much easier to use" aspects, can any of you help with "What does Canvas do for us that Blackboard (or Moodle) cannot?"  

For example, can you support the items below with examples or things of your own?
  -- Because Canvas is open source, writing LTIs to add customizations is much easier.  
  -- Canvas has a more robust API for integrating into our SIS.
  -- Canvas allows for a much more robust collaboration environment between student and teacher (true? If so, how)
What functionality does Canvas provide that is unique and not provided by Blackboard or any other LMS?

Can anybody help me with this?  I have literally 48 hours to submit it (deadline is noon, Fri, 6 May 22)


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