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Large Course Enrollment - Not Using Speedgrader

Hi everyone. We are planning to run an online orientation in Canvas for our students. As part of the orientation, students have to complete 7 automatically graded quizzes. To be clear, we do not need to use Speedgrader. If the students score 80% or above on these quizzes, they are considered to have completed the Orientation. No discussions. No need to look at Analytics. 

We estimate that there will be 3,000 students and we envision a sort of rolling admissions to the course.

Based on my reading of the community topics, I do not foresee any major problems, but I wanted to check with the community to make sure I am advising my institution correctly. 

I have read: Best Practices for Large Courses in Canvas and https://community.canvaslms.com/thread/23785-large-course-management-sectionsgroups . For the record, I do not see any need to do sections here. 

My questions are these: 

+ Will Canvas break in the above scenario. 

+ If we reach a certain threshold (3,000 students), will Canvas not be able to accept new quiz responses? Would we not be able to see Grades? 

+ If I am missing something or if there is a better way that just having a normal Canvas course with 3,000 students, please let me know. Any recommendations or work arounds are welcome! 

Thank you! 

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