Late policy with multiple attempts on a quiz

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When using the late policy, If a quiz has been allowed to have multiple attempts and is set to take the highest score, If the newest submission is late the late policy overrides the highest score function and applies the policy to the newest score on the test. Has this been caught in the beta testing? I would think that if the teacher allows the highest score grab on the multiple attempts, that it would apply the late policy only if the newest score was the highest, or override the late policy.

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Instructure Alumni

Hi, @volzk 

The idea you referenced has a note at the top as commented by Instructure; it links to the known issue, which states that the ticket has been shelved by the product team. More investigation will be required as the Gradebook is not compatible with the existing functionality.



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I recently received word from Canvas L2 support that this programming error will officially not be addressed, saying that "they [the engineers] have decided to shelve the issue at this time because the gradebook's late policy and multiple quiz attempts are not currently compatible". It's interesting that Canvas uses the exact description of the programming error that they made as their reason for not fixing it.

So to summarize, Canvas was first made aware of this programming error in February 2018. According to this thread, it took them many months to even acknowledge that it was an error and not just a new feature idea. Now, after more than 2 and half years, and despite assurances that a fix was right around the corner, their final verdict is that they won't be fixing it. In other words, Canvas is content to sit by and do nothing while their program continues to incorrectly score thousands of quizzes across the country.

When our university signed on to Canvas, I was enthusiastic due to its many features and excited about how this would benefit my students. Having a lot of features isn't helpful, though, when many of them don't function properly and no effort is made to fix them. Unfortunately, this programming error with the late penalty is only one of many examples of bugs and design flaws that seriously compromise the functionality of the program and which Canvas declines to take any action to fix. I am honestly starting to think that our university made a big mistake in adopting Canvas, and I can only hope we make a better decision the next time around.

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