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Hi All!

We're just getting started with Canvas and recently started transitioning SCORM files from our previous LMS (Pathlore) into Canvas and have come across a question. I'm hoping that there are some folks out there that have more than average experience with Lectora (and Storyline) and published to Canvas. Ultimately, we want to have Lectora built SCORM assignments launch the same way as the Storyline built assignments do.

As we're bringing over the SCORM zip file from Storyline, we've found that we're able to get Storyline SCORM courses to open in a separate window (not a tab) when a user lands on the SCORM assignment page. When the user lands on the assignment page, the space where the SCORM would normally embed shows a "Launch Course", then immediately opens the course in a separate window (not tab). We do not have the "Load this tool in a new tab" selected on the assignment page

However, when bringing over SCORM zip file from Lectora, Canvas embeds it on the assignment page, even if the publish options in Lectora indicate that the course will be opened in a separate window than the LMS. Our current, albeit less desirable, workaround is to use the "Load this tool in a new tab" option in the assignment settings.

As both a designer in Canvas, Lectora, and Storyline, the only difference between Storyline and Lectora is that Storyline uses a "player" and has the option to "launch player in new window (creates launch page)". Lectora does not have such a setting, as it does not use a "player" in the sense that Storyline does.

Any insight would be remarkably helpful, and I'm more than happy to answer any clarifying questions as I work towards a solution. Thanks in advance!
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