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Lectora vs. Storyline

Hi All!

We're just getting started with Canvas and recently started transitioning SCORM files from our previous LMS (Pathlore) into Canvas and have come across a question. I'm hoping that there are some folks out there that have more than average experience with Lectora (and Storyline) and published to Canvas. Ultimately, we want to have Lectora built SCORM assignments launch the same way as the Storyline built assignments do.

As we're bringing over the SCORM zip file from Storyline, we've found that we're able to get Storyline SCORM courses to open in a separate window (not a tab) when a user lands on the SCORM assignment page. When the user lands on the assignment page, the space where the SCORM would normally embed shows a "Launch Course", then immediately opens the course in a separate window (not tab). We do not have the "Load this tool in a new tab" selected on the assignment page

However, when bringing over SCORM zip file from Lectora, Canvas embeds it on the assignment page, even if the publish options in Lectora indicate that the course will be opened in a separate window than the LMS. Our current, albeit less desirable, workaround is to use the "Load this tool in a new tab" option in the assignment settings.

As both a designer in Canvas, Lectora, and Storyline, the only difference between Storyline and Lectora is that Storyline uses a "player" and has the option to "launch player in new window (creates launch page)". Lectora does not have such a setting, as it does not use a "player" in the sense that Storyline does.

Any insight would be remarkably helpful, and I'm more than happy to answer any clarifying questions as I work towards a solution. Thanks in advance!
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Same issue here. But the remedies we had were using Tin-Can of Lectora rather than SCORM as all of our eLearning were ungraded assignments. Instructure has very limited resources and support for both authoring tools. 

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Hi @JasonDal-HDS,

Good to meet you outside of the Lectora Forum 😉
As of september using Canvas too, and i do have a lot to research still.
In fact i dont even get a Scorm on Canvas...only as 'assignment' and i do think thats the issue your running into too. Articulate probably due to its player causes the course to open in a new window. Infact using an iframe i managed to open up a Lectora course in a new window too. I dont want that though...i want it embedded in the Bootstrap/Flexbox boxes in the Canvas page. Rise content exported as html and uploaded to files...well that works.. i can show that where i want.
Lectora content not ( yet ). If i put it on ScormCloud...i can though.

A link i found that might solve it, but i cannot get it to work... not with Articulate nor with Lectora output.

Lets connect and get a working solution.

Kind regards,


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Hi Jason,
I do think i now know why Storyline works and Lectora not.
Its because of the changed security policy of Canvas.

"We will implement the following changes:


  • By default, if you upload an html file to the "Files" section in Canvas, we will not allow any javascript in that file to be run
  • If desired, Canvas Admins can allow the use of JavaScript by enabling a feature option at the account, sub-account, or course level. This feature option allows admins to manage the use of dynamic content for their institution in a granular way. When enabling the use of JavaScript, Canvas will display a warning with the associated risks and require the admin to verify the feature option change.


This proposal would have no impact on:

1) JavaScript uploaded by admins to the Theme Editor.

2) IFrames embedded into a Canvas page that call an external source (for example, Twitter tweets or YouTube videos).

3) Our current practice to not allow inline scripting within the rich content editor."

Lectora files ( Scorm too ) use Javascript intensively. Thus all is blocked. Articulate published files do not. Thats also the reason why my external iframe tests do work...
Im going ask my IT guys if there is an option to enable Javascript for Scorm based courses.

Kind regards,