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Limitations of Observer Dashboard

Is there a limit to the number of students assigned to an observer to view on the dashboard?

We have a need for observers to have 200+ students assigned to them and are finding Canvas will not show all students in the dashboard. Currently our observers can only view 10 students.

Are there limitations or ways to increase visibility?

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Hello @TracyHarelson 

Unfortunately the number is limited but it isn't documented to the exact number (that I can find in guides) - if you see 10 it is likely the maximum. A while ago it used to be 5. The main reason for this is that if an observer had access to 200+ observees they would have a never ending stream of notifications and emails. You may want to consider a custom role that gives your special observers some admin permissions to view student progress while disabling a lot of the other admin permissions. I know it isn't the answer you're looking for, but that is your best  option as the traditional  observer role will not accommodate this. 

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