List of function available for use in Formula Questions

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The blog post Looking Up Values in Formula Questions mentions the functions reverse, sort, and at that can be used when creating formula questions. This is the only reference to the use of functions in Formula Questions that I can find anywhere.

Is there a list of other functions that are available? I know from experimentation that ln, e^x, max, min, and various trig functions are available. What about statistical functions such as the normal cdf or inverse normal cdf?


Robbie Beane

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The statistical functions you mention are not available. That was kind of the whole point of that blog post.

About that same time, I started to write another blog post about all of the functions that were available and what they did. It evolved into the blog post that I did publish.

The list of the available functions is available within Canvas. When you are creating a formula question, there is an example right above the toolbar. "What is 5 plus [x]?"

That is followed by a link that says "Need Help?"

Click on the Need Help? link and then switch to the Functions tab.

There is a pull down list (starting with Absolute Value) that provides a list of the functions that are available and a brief explanation of what they do.


Here are the functions that are in that list:

abs acos asin at atan ceil comb cos count deg_to_rad e fact first floor if last length ln log max mean median min perm pi rad_to_deg rand range reverse round sin sort sqrt sum tan

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