Locking Specific Items with Blueprint

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I am new to Canvas and am looking to build-out around 40 courses. I would like to use a Blueprint in order to ensure the same layout/brand-consistency page-to-page and course-to-course (School Header/Footer, etc). These courses will all be different but we would like to be able to lock specific style items on each page so that the teachers can't change them but still want them to be able to edit the page content. Further, we would like it if we change something on the Blueprint course that it can be synched and changed on all of the other courses (but not entire pages, courses, etc., images, page style, general content, etc.).

Is this possible? I have been trying different methods but it seems that as soon as a teacher edits their course which is associated to the Blueprint course, that the Blueprint is no longer able to sync with that page and generates an "exception." Any guidance would be greatly appreciated to avoid having to manually update all 40 courses each time we would like a general change across all of them.



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