Login API - Adding an additional login to a user

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Working in powershell to script some Canvas things.  Have done a fair amount in PS with the Canvas APIs.

Trying to create an additional login for a user via the login API 

POST /api/v1/accounts/:account_id/logins

In powershell I have:

$postParams = @{"user[id]"=$internalID;"login[unique_id]"=$userIN;"login[sis_user_id]"=$userIN}
$canPost1 = (invoke-WebRequest -Headers $headers -contentType $contentType -body $postParams -Method POST -uri $canPost)

I'm getting   System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (422) Unprocessable Entity.

I've also tried

 $canPost = "https://utm.test.instructure.com/api/v1/accounts/1/logins?user[id]="+$InternalID+"&login[unique_id]="+$userIN+"&login[sis_user_id]="+$userIN

#$canPost1 = (invoke-WebRequest -Headers $headers  -contentType $contentType -Method POST  -uri $canPost)

It generates the url (left out the https:// so it would show properly in this question)


Get similar error.  Any of you powershell gurus see anything I'm doing wrong?  I've not had this problem with creating users via API.  Error message doesn't give a lot of info...  Smiley Happy

Bruce Harrison

Univ. of Tennessee at Martin