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Looking for better way to include an audio file into a Canvas page!

I have lots of kids who need all written text read aloud to them. I hate that when I either upload an audio file of myself reading, or record one on Canvas, I get this big clunky box that looks like a video. 








I tried adding a small button like this audio.jpeg as an image and linking the image to an audio file. It looked quite nice on the page. But when I tested it out, it opened the box just like the "video" looking one at the top of my post today. In fact, that opened in another tab so they couldn't even see the text while listening to the audio. 

Is there a neater way to have audio available at different portions of the page without the big "video" looking thing Canvas uses, but not opening up a separate tab to play the audio like my idea? 

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If you don't need the playback speed control then you can follow my workaround here to make the audio player smaller:

You can also apply custom styling to make the player smaller, instructions are also included in the link above.


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Yes, I was going to suggest @jerry_nguyen's idea of modifying the HTML of the embedded recording to use the <audio> tag.

However, why is the student not using a screenreader for this purpose?  Would save you lot of extra time...