Lost: Ungraded assignment submissions!

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Eek!  I reopened an assignment that had about 100 ungraded submissions so that some students who missed the closing date could submit.  Somehow, only those last handful of students now show up in the gradebook.  How can I retrieve those submissions that were there when I added another submission window?

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Thanks for the quick response. I managed to fix it but perhaps my responses will provide future help.

Is this an actual assignment or a quiz? This was an assignment.

Is this assignment through a third party system, so not directly through Canvas? The assignment was created through Canvas.

Are you using any plagiarism software for this assignment? None Submissions were links to a student generated google site.

Where are the grades not showing up? Speedgrader? Gradebook? Both? Grades were not showing up in either Gradebook nor Speedgrader.

My fix: When adding "/undelete" to the end of my course didn't show me what I needed, I figured I had nothing to lose by trying something else. In the assignment edit mode, I added the original assignment open/due/close dates for everyone in the course. Happily, all of the previous submissions populated in gradebook!

Linda Aponte

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