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Lost entered grades after opening assignment up to student who hadn't done it.

A student failed to turn an assignment in on time, so I reopened it just for them.  I had graded the first 60/109 students prior to opening again for the single student.  I am now unable to access any of the previously completed assignments- both those that I graded and those that I had not graded yet.  Can you help me set this so I am able to complete the grading?  Thank you.

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I just had this issue, and saw your response, saw no one else responded, and was able to figure out what I did wrong. Let's see if this helps:

I opened up an assignment for a student, and when I did, I had two 'Assign' boxes: Student X in one, and 'Everyone Else' in the other. It turns out that 'Everyone Else' isn't the right selection, and it needs to be the course. Once I changed that, all the grades reappeared. Don't know if this is your issue, but at a glance, that doesn't seem incorrect, but Canvas doesn't pick up on it.

Looking at the Assign boxes further, it seems like "Everyone Else" is the default when you do pull a student out of the group in a separate box. My issue stemmed from assigning through the mobile app and not with my desktop, and I was clicking and fretting for a long time, so I suspect I moved a lot of things around that caused my error. But for whatever reason, when I was back on my desktop, changing the 'everyone else' to the full class roster brought everything back, and still included the late assignment.