Mail Merge in Canvas Message?

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I am wondering if there's any way to do mail merge-type of messaging in Canvas.

For example, if I have an Excel file with student's last name, first name, along with some other data.  Could I use Canvas message just like email?

The only reason I would like to use this is because I know my students check Canvas inbox a bit more than email.

Thank you. 

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Hi  @angela_kim  

Because the Canvas Inbox is not email, it lacks the kind of functionality necessary to do what you are asking. Addressing an Inbox message is limited to choosing a course, then the users in that course, with no back end functionality that would permit entering some kind of recipient list.

There is a feature idea open for voting which might meet your needs, and you can check it out at 

If not, then you may  want to suggest this as a feature idea yourself. Learn how at How does the feature idea process work in the Canvas Community?


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