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Make changes using annotation

I upload Google docs as templates for my students to use for assignments; I integrate them using the Speedgrader function so that all feedback shows in Canvas. . For grading, I use the annotation feature so that students can see where they need to make changes. Is there a way for students to see the annotations within the actual Google document? Currently I have to have my students go into their feedback section, view the feedback, and then go back into the actual assignment, reopen the Google doc and then make the changes they saw in their feedback. This is a long process and students can't remember the feedback once they have to leave the feedback page. Any feedback is appreciated!

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HI @AmberTaylor13 

Could they open both pages in separate browser tabs or windows?  Then they only need to click back and forth instead of going in and out of the activity. 

You didn't saw what grade you teach, but if they have smartphones, could they pull up the feedback on their phone?

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