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Good morning,

We are attempting to solve a strange issue with our Mastery Path Set-up. We have a pre-quiz that if a student scores a 90% or above, they should skip right to a certificate page. 

The issue is that despite being listed in the 90% or below portion of the mastery path, the exit quiz appears for all students. 

 Mastery Path Error.png

We have requirements enabled on this particular module, but we've tried without them, and still get the same result. The exit quiz is appearing to students who scored above a 90% on the pre-quiz.


Any insight on this issue would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much.

Module Requirements.png

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Well, we solved our own issue. The problem was that in the exit quiz, in the Assigned To portion: it needed to be set to "Mastery Paths" as opposed to "Everyone". Hope this helps someone out there!

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