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Matching & Partial Credit - UNBELIEVABLE!

I am beginning to feel like a broken record.  I have been frustrated by multiple answers in the old quizzes not giving partial credit.  So, I decided to use New Quizzes because someone said you could give partial credit.


Now, you are telling me that a matching activity doesn't give partial credit.  That's the point of matching to quickly assess students on a larger group of questions.  It is efficient.  Canvas is not.

There are other threads and everyone I see is in favor of partial credit. Can't you offer the choice?

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I believe the fill-in-the-blank question type uses partial credit and has an option for banked responses in which possible responses are in a word bank to be clicked and dragged into the correct blank.  That should be a path to create matching style questions that include partial credit.

Ok, but what if you've got a million matching questions already in classic quizzes and you've migrated them over and now none of them work properly? I'm not freaking making literally hundreds of questions over again just so they can be "fill in the blank"!