Math equation window does not open properly

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When creating a quiz, I click the icon "insert math equation". the icon does not appears where it should be but below the whole quiz text and corrupted: with a large width and not workable (Please see the screenshot below_. It is interesting  it happens only with this quiz; with others it works properly. Please advise.


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 @vrotar ‌

I'm sorry that no one has yet responded to your question. Were you able to resolve it? If not, a problem this specific needs to be investigated directly by a member of Canvas Support, so please ask them for assistance (How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?‌)

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I had a similar problem.  There was a corrupted question in my question bank.  I moved the questions to another bank one at a time until it broke again.  Then moved all but that one to yet a third bank.  When done I deleted the other banks and things were back to normal.  Quite a lot of things to do, but even after I found the question, deleting did no good.  It affected the whole bank.


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