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when will my financial aide be available?

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You probably don't realize it, but this is a global community of users of the Canvas learning management system. We do not know the specifics of your institution, but I'm going to take a stab at answering anyway.

Based on your email address, I found this page at Troy University: Financial Aid FAQs 

Item 29 says

When will financial aid be placed on my student account?
Financial aid awards must be accepted through Financial Aid Self Service and will apply to the student’s account after the free drop/add period is complete. Remember if you adjust your course load up or down after the end of the free drop/add period you should contact the financial aid office indicating the change in credit hour load. Your financial aid will be disbursed based on the number of credit hours you have at the end of the free drop/add period.

The next item (#30) says that the Census date is the date after the last day of free drop/adds. 

Based on this information, I went to the calendar for Troy University and found that the Census Date for Spring 2020 is January 14th. That means that the last day for the free drop/add should be January 13 (today).

I cannot speak for the institution, but it sounds like it should be soon. Further questions should be addressed to the financial aid department at your institution.

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