Moodle 3.5: Export Question Banks to Canvas

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I have performed a Backup of Moodle 3.5 (MBZ) and have successfully Imported the course into Canvas, but there are some issues with the question conversion. Which seems to be a know problem....

  • Very long question text will not import properly.
  • Questions rendered by the Moodle equation editor may not import properly.
  • Quizzes that have an overall value set will have the point totals changed. For example, if you have a Moodle quiz set to 20 points regardless of the total number of questions, Canvas does not like that. It will set the default value as 1 point per question.
  • Question banks imported from Moodle will not support the strict multilevel hierarchy categorization. Canvas' Question Groups support: bounded randomization within questions associated to a common topic. 
  • Calculated questions from Moodle will become Formula questions and should be should be thoroughly tested to ensure that they behave as expected; they may need to be re-configured post-migration or recreated in Canvas.

I was wondering if some of these problems go away if the Moodle Question Banks were converted to QTI (with Respondus 4.0) and then imported into Canvas as a QTI file? Has anyone compared this? Is it better to use the QTI for questions like; Calculated Multiple Choice (need to edit = and units), Cloze (need to recreate as Multiple Dropdown), Images (don't import), Matching (becomes Fill in Multiple Blanks)? 

OR is it that Teachers have to recreate all those question types no matter what?

Thank you,

Tonia Malone - Ca