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More creative rubrics that communicates more effectively with students

I need either a thorough and in-depth tutorial on what is possible to do with rubrics in Canvas, or a work around. 

If you could recommend a power-user/deep dive tutorial, I would appreciate that. 

Rubrics are supposed to communicate clearly, and I hope they can save me some time in calculating scores. But the way I have used rubrics on paper isn't conforming to the table (rows and columns) format in Canvas.  

I have two problems:

1) for a given score, there can be 4 to many as 7 reasons why a student would receive that score.  I want to be able to click on a box and have the exact feedback shown to the student that tells them exactly what they did or didn't do that triggers that score. 

For example, if a student does not make it clear that they understand their research findings because terms are used incorrectly or are not defined, then it matters not whether they had other elements (like direct quotes used effectively).  In other words, if a student doesn't include certain required elements, this lacunae automatically triggers a certain grade regardless of whether all the other criteria are met.

What I don't need is a series of criteria (rows) with levels of achievement that correlate to a score.  But this seems the only way to structure rubrics in Canvas.


2) I also would like to have boxes that I could just tick off (like on my paper rubrics) to track what required elements are present and which are missing.  Missing elements doesn't necessarily correlate to a fixed score, but students do need to know they can improve by completing more elements.  I just want to rubric to simply communicate this.  I don't need everything I want to tell the students to correlate to a grade, but I do need an efficient way to give the same feedback to multiple students without having to type/write the same feedback over and over again.  



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @rebecca_sager ...

I'm trying to visualize the kind of rubric you are describing, but I'm not sure I completely understand.  Would there be a way you could post a screenshot or a sketch of what you'd like to accomplish in a rubric so that we might be able to see if anything like that is possible with Canvas rubrics?  Thanks.