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Moving questions from a quiz to the question bank

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I have created a quiz already but none of the questions are in the question bank, how do I move the questions from the quiz I created to the question bank so I don't have to retype the whole quiz

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I have this question too and the links proided with supposed solutions do not work! Please help. Is @kona still available to explain this? Thanks.

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As you probably already saw, no one got an answer.  The link provided goes nowhere.

@kona same here: page not found. Thanks!

Thanks @colucciw; I've asked @kona to update that link, too.  One solution offered----to copy and paste the question---only works for a few question types, such as  Fill-in Blanks;  for more complex questions you cannot copy and paste all the drop downs or multiple answers.  Could they perhaps add a button in the three-dot area that says "Copy Question to New Bank"?  

This would save tons of time.

Community Coach
Community Coach

It looks like when the Community moved, this link quit working. I'm pretty sure this was the Plan B I was talking about -- 

I hope this helps! Kona

Community Coach
Community Coach

@ProfaebC - sorry for the delay! Here's the link I was referring to -- 

I hope it helps! Kona

Thank you so much, @kona , and I'll bet @colucciw and @craiggines will also appreciate this. No doubt others as well.