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How do I create a multiple fill in the blank question in a quiz?  More specifically, what would such a question look like when entered into the editor when creating the quiz?

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It depends on if you are using Classic or New Quizzes.  For Classic Quizzes it is a specific question type you select and then you use bracket to indicate where the blanks should be: ie "Roses are [color1], violets are [color2]".  This creates two blanks and below the question area you specify the acceptable answers for color1 and color2.  In the question itself look closely and it usually gives you sample text like what I just provide.  Full instructions can be found here 

How do I create a Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks quiz question?  

For New Quizzes it's not its own question type.  You select the question Fill in the Blank and you can create it with as many blanks as you'd like.  The guide for this option is below.

How do I create a Fill in the Blank question in New Quizzes?  


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