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I'm a Tech with limited access asking on behalf of a Para at our institution and I'd like to know whether it's possible to have a unique dashboard per student, or a way to set one up? Is this something that administrators can do at this time?

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Is there anyway, in Canvas, to create separate dashboards - like we can with folders in email? I have 4 different students with Canvas pages for each of their subjects (I have 26 total pages) on one dashboard. If I could have a student specific dashboard that would be super cool!

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Community Team‌ may help a little, but it sounds like a dashboard that allowed an observer to switch between students would be the most helpful! (also see

There are some tips that may help included in a blog I wrote - Clarity for Canvas Observers‌ which would also help a little. Also, within the last couple of weeks, the student's name has been added to any course card.

However, there's an immediate solution, if the para has access to a smartphone or a tablet. Canvas Parent allows Observers to sort courses and set alerts on a student-by-student basis. They can also view one student at a time.

How do I use the Canvas Parent app on my iOS device?

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