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Multiple announcements being generated

Hi everyone

I have an issue that seems unique to one course.  Each weekend I generate an announcement for each of my subjects that includes links to Team meetings etc.  This is working fine for every course except for one.  This course seems to generate multiple copies of the announcement (see image attachment).  This obviously frustrates students as they receive multiple emails and it is clogging up my announcements.  I am not sure why it is doing this - the announcement is not set on a delay etc and I have turned off commenting.  Anyone seen anything like this - is there something really silly I am doing?


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Hi  @dhumphreys  Welcome to the Canvas Community. 

If you are doing everything the same in each course then something seems to be amiss. 

Perhaps get in touch with Canvas Support with the URL of your course explaining what is happening. 

By The way, I loved the message to your class. Splendid stuff. 

Hoping it is resolved for you soon.

Hi Bobby

Many thanks.  Have logged a job with Canvas - I agree it sounds more like an issue with something behind the scenes as every announcement has been set up using the same process and I have not had any reports of similar Canvas behaviour from other staff. Thanks again for responding Smiley Happy

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I'm hoping to hear about your happy resolution soon. 

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Did talking to Canvas help?  I have a teacher experiencing the same issue.