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Multiple attempt options on quizzes

Can your organization make a change in the "Quizzes" option?

I want my students to have two attempts at the quiz, but it throws them to have to answer ALL the questions. Can you install a fix? When choosing "allow multiple attempts", can we have the option of showing the student ONLY the questions that they missed?

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Hey Chris,

The short answer is "no." However, if you need a way to automatically fill in questions that were previously answered correct, there is a Chrome extension that does that. Canvas Quiz Loader - Chrome Web Store 

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josephclaytonhansen‌ Do you know if this works with New Quizzes or only Classic Quizzes? I attempted it with both and could not get it to work in New Quizzes - wondering if I have done something wrong or if it just does not work with New Quizzes.

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