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How can I see my past course details (assignments, class notes etc..)? Currently I can see only the last year course details.

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Hello  @sbandara  and welcome to the Community! Have you checked to see if the courses are visible under "courses" and "all courses".  There is normally a place here toward the bottom for past enrollments.  This document demonstrates how to access and view these courses if there are present under past enrollments:

How do I customize my Courses list as a student? 

After the term date ends, classes will normally be placed into a status where students/instructors can access the course but not participate (submit assignments, reply to discussions, etc.).  If you don't see the courses you are looking for under past enrollments, it could be due to a setting at your own institution.  In this case, contacting someone who administers Canvas at your school (IT, eLearing/Distance Learning, etc.) would probably be your best option for determining how to access these older courses.

I hope this helps and best wishes!

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