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We have a teacher getting this message repeatedly : You are attempting to save content containing course links which may not work when used in other courses. She is getting this when adding images to questions in her item banks.

She gets the alert every single time she adds an image or a document. We tested it in another course where we built a quiz and connected an item from the item bank and were able to see the image in preview.

Is this alert related to the enablement on the new RCE? The teacher reported getting this error message since mid-June.

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I am sorry to hear of this issue! I recommend contacting Canvas Support to investigate why this error is occurring. They will be able to investigate further to see if there are any settings or issues triggering the error. I hope this helps!

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I solved this by uploading my images into my "My Files" area - i.e., the area in Canvas linked to me, not to a particular course. I was then able to save the New Quiz with no warning message.

I agree that the "flagged" response failed to answer this, especially since the solution was rather straightforward. And it's not clear why Canvas would even allow one to add an image to an "Item Bank" question, that wouldn't also be available to other courses that might use the same Bank.

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