New Points Based Grading Scheme

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The new points based grading scheme has been released and I was hoping it would be the answer to my problems but I'm having some issues. Any help out there is appreciated. I have attached images to show the issues.

I have a 15 point grading scheme (image attached) which shows grading from A+ through to E- (how we grade in Australia for the most part). I have 3 assignments set up in an assignment group weighted 100% so each assignment is weighted equally as a result (image also attached). When I enter grades of B+ B+ A- the total grade in the Markbook gives an overall grade of A- instead of B+ (image also attached). It is rounding 12.3 up to 13 points. Am I taking crazy pills? Surely the total should show a B+ in this scenario.

I have also run the same experiment without using group weightings. Each assignment separate and the points set at 33.33 for each one. The same result happens for the total grade.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm trying to get Canvas grading accurately for our institution.

Please see attachments.