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Can I take a picture of something in Canvas when making a New Quiz? I want a picture in the stem question and can not find an easy way to get it there. THANKS for any help!!

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Community Coach

Hello  @vsoistman ...

If by "take a picture" you mean taking a photo on your smart phone to include in a question in New Quizzes, then yes, you can do this.  Depending on the type of phone you have, you'd have to have some way of saving your picture as an image on your computer.  Or, if the picture already exists on your computer, that will work as well.

When you create a new question in New Quizzes (I'll use multiple choice as an example), you can click on the "Add Question Stem..." box, and you should see the RCE (Rich Content Editor) open.  There should be an icon to "Upload Media".  This would allow you to upload your picture into your quiz question.

I hope this will help a bit, Valerie.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions.  Be well, and stay safe.

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