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New Quizzes Moderation - Names in Random Order

In New Quizzes, why do the student names in the Moderation area come up in random order? In addition, when you click on a student's name, you're taken to their quiz, but their name is nowhere on the page, so if you're not careful, you can easily lose track of whose you're grading. When you navigate back to the list of students, since they're in random order, it's challenging to find where you left off. I'm baffled as to why you can sort students in different ways throughout all of Canvas except in this critical area. Thanks for any input that you can offer to help me solve this issue.

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I would also like an answer about the random order on the moderating tab.  I assume it has something to do with the order students registered for the course (and then were registered by the new quiz system).  It seems reasonable to expect the list to be sortable alphabetically by last name (at least), and maybe alternatively by the order of the most recent attempts.  It is clear that neither is the order actually used at the moment.

As for knowing whose quiz you are grading, I strongly recommend speedgrader.  You will see the same quiz display you are referencing, but it will be displayed within the speedgrader frame with the student's name, and you can click from student to student using the speedgrader frame. 

Just like with other assignments, you can get to speedgrader from the grades tab, either through the dropdown menu for the quiz, or from the right side menu that slides out when you click the arrow next to the grade for an individual student on that quiz.

Thanks so much for your response. You are absolutely correct about using Speedgrader. However, I feel like Quizzes Next (or New) has features that are huge leaps froward while simultaneously taking significant steps backward. Below are 2 screenshots, one of each type of quiz. On the landing page for an old quiz, Speedgrader is easily accessible. On the new landing page, it's nowhere. When you combine this fact with the random order issue in Moderation, this creates significant, unnecessary frustration.

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 10.03.25 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-12-15 at 10.04.08 AM.png
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The difference in your screen shots comes from the way new quizzes is set up as an external tool.  The only way to access the screen you are looking for is from the edit option on the three dot menu for that quiz on the assignment tab (specifically only the assignment tab all other links to the quiz bring you to the screen you displayed.  I would rather have this link in every three dot menu, or even have this page be the default and a link within that page available to redirect to the external quiz, but that is not how it is set up.)  Regardless, you don't need those hoops for grading.  When it is time to grade, the speedgrader is always accessible from the three dot menu for the quiz on the grades tab.

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Is there anything in the works to allow us to sort the Moderate page in New Quizzes by student last name?