New Quizzes NEEDS to be able to pull a partial number of random items from item bank each attempt

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This is a HUGE feature of classic quizzes....

The ability to pull a random set of questions from a question bank EACH time a student takes a quiz. 

Here is the specific ability I'm talking about:

  • I create question bank "Chapter 1".  This bank has 25 questions in it related to Ch 1.
  • I create a ten question quiz called "Chapter 1 Review" and allow students multiple attempts. 
  • But by having the quiz pull only 10 questions from the bank (there are 25 available), each attempt will provide the student with a new random set of questions on the quiz.  Sure, they will get some repeats each time, but random enough they actually have to work through the material.

Please DO NOT kill classic quizzes until this is possible on new quizzes.  Along with bulk "Question Bank" migration into "Item Bank" migration, this is a huge deal.

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