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My company has developed two certifications. In the past, we had them in webinar formats and somewhat disjointed. We are in the process of bringing everything in Canvas as a course and making it so that students can go at their own pace. Each section in the certification course will be what the related webinar was in the previous format (though adapted for more online and asynchronous). We recognize that some folks don't want a certification but just a particular webinar or webinar series. In the past, since everything was disjointed and each webinar had it's own webinar room, it was easy to allow people to purchase just that webinar and join just it. 

QUESTION: What is the best way to limit a person who doesn't want the full certification but just a part to have access to that part? Should that person be put in a group? Can I hide sections from just that person? Is there a better way? I prefer not to export each section out as a separate course because I want them to interact with the folks in the certification for that particular piece they want.

Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.