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I'm sure I know the answer but I just wanted to make sure before I inform my teaching staff.

We are currently syncing to our SIS (Skyward) using the API.  This is occurring daily automatically.  My teachers have been sending me images of a "Nightly Sync" toggle option from the Grade Sync Settings page and telling me that toggle option is missing on their courses.

My assumption is that we are already doing a sync via the API.  Before I tell them that their courses are already syncing and that option is missing because it is superfluous, can I get a confirmation from someone more knowledgeable?


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@kirsten_fanning @GroganJ 

Sorry for the long delay on answering this question. This is a feature that can be enabled by having your institution's Canvas admins contact your institution's Canvas CSM with the request to have it enabled and the desired timing of the nightly grade sync. It can potentially be a resource intensive process and we want to ensure that it doesn't conflict with other nightly processes before enabling.

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