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I'm trying to find a way to enable notifications (assignment submissions)  as part of account level -, so it will be pushed to all the courses. We have many adjunct faculty, who teaches multiple courses, and most of the time, they  do not turn the notification in their course. Is there a away to set-it up as Admin. 


Thank you. 


Thila Menon 

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Hi @tmenon 

Notifications are a Canvas user feature. They are not an account feature, nor a course feature, and are completely under the control of the user. I like it that way!

For me, this sounds like a training issue, and that seems to be an area where too many colleges fall on their faces - training adjuncts. There are key features that every Canvas user should understand, and Notifications are one of them. Start by sending out feature/function - based newsletters or something similar.

You could create a new Idea Conversation for this functionality in this community.

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